Now also O’Reilly Reviewer

The other day, I registered for the O’Reilly reviewer program. I’ll add the corresponding changes to the page over the coming days.

There are many reasons for that step:

  • I was lucky enough to see Tim O’Reilly a few times live, and he definitely is one of my role models
  • I can’t get enough of O’Reilly books anyways. So far, I have bought more than 50 ebooks (and uncounted print books), so the occasional review ebook is just right. The books are a class apart anyways. (I’ never have thought that I’d buy books for their publisher… well, it’s different for technical books.)
  • The concept of O’Reilly ebooks is exemplary: DRM-free, all platforms and errata included. Other providers, especially from Germany, should follow suit.
  • I like the guidelines of the reviewer program: “[…] Perhaps most importantly, your job is to offer honest reviews. It’s OK to not like a book or video; just tell your readers why in a reasoned manner, fearlessly stating your objections. Of course it’s also OK to like a book or video. […]” (emphasis mine)

The first review should come along in a week or two.